Flattr at Re:publica

Peter Sunde talks about Flattr at Re:publica


6 Responses to Flattr at Re:publica

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  2. illunatic says:

    “As a user you’re a giver and a receiver. That sounds very gay…” haha

  3. maloki says:

    Really good talk.. *spreads like crazy*
    Lets hope we’ll reach critical mass ;)

  4. Christer says:

    …but why is there no flattr button on the pirate bay?

  5. Polyfragmentiert says:

    At around 20:00: (the gist of what he said, not literally) “my friend is very lonely now, because they deleted him from Facebook so he’s not getting any party invites anymore.”

    I had to laugh and Sunde didn’t mean it as a joke I think. Which is a joke.

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