Free Brokep

We wanted to help our co-worker Peter (Brokep) to pay off his debts so we have started a collection at the office.
So far we’ve managed to collect 9 SEK, that leaves only 45 999 991 SEK.


7 Responses to Free Brokep

  1. mattias says:

    sybscribed here to ;)

  2. SkaveRat says:

    we need to get 5mio€ with this button. Would be epic ;)

  3. ors says:

    12 month subscription :)

  4. avi says:

    how come all my money lately goes into Swedish legal proceedings? ;)

  5. vic says:

    flattred. Yes Peter, great work, thank you, my time to give to you. Now…why mostly blondes at your parties? I´m offended now.

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