Many small streams form a big ass river

The start of a new week, start of a new month, the sun was shining earlier today in both London and Malmö and we got lots of nice candies from trick or treating last night, so we have lots to be cheerful about and want to share this happiness with you.

Until now we’ve kept pretty quiet and modest about our happy little system (ok yes, occasionally our servers are not that happy and get grumpy, but hopefully that hasn’t caused too many problems!), but we think it’s time to share a bit about the great things you’ve all been doing – so you can be as happy as we are about how together we’re changing the way the world works, thinks about, and pays for content.

Our video quotes the nice Swedish saying that “many small streams will form a large river”, and we know that leads to the Q: Just how many streams are we talking about and how large is this river??  A: It’s large.

Quick recap: Peter and Linus started testing Flattr with 100 of you back in February.  We then opened it up to a few more people in late-March and then opened up even wider in April/May until we opened up to anyone and everyone in August.

Now, two months after going public, we have over 46,056 registered users.  And more than 114,057 € has gone through the Flattr system.

You. All. Rock.

So thank you all for being a part of the early journey and here’s to many more streams joining up with us and making the river bigger and bigger each month.


13 Responses to Many small streams form a big ass river

  1. SkaveRat says:

    Well then. Let’s add another zero or two at the end ;)

  2. NICE!

    I think this 46,056 registered users are not active users?

  3. Linus says:

    Only 2 zeros? =)

  4. agge says:

    Hate to be a downer, but is it relly that big? it’s just about €2.5 per user. The optimistic interpretation is that most users are new, and have been around for little more than a month. The pessimistic interpretation is that most users have come and gone and stayed around for little more than a month…

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  8. maloki says:

    Agge, I think that depends on how you look at it. Maybe enough has gone in to just keep it a float. And stay there.
    I can imagine alot of the money keeps looking as well. Which might be sad.
    But I believe it will stay that way for a while. :)

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  10. agge says:

    there’s not much point if it’s just old money circling round and round.

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