Grande update: Offline, Donations and more!

So did you think we took Christmas off? You’d be right!

But we’ve also had several major things bubbling in the pipeline for quite some time that we can finally tell you about because they’re now out in the wild!


From the start people have asked for a way to give more to something they find extra awesome like giving some extra (specific amount of) money to it, now you can =)

On every user-profile page you will now find a “Donate” button in the profile box to the right. Click it and you can give some of your available means away. Alternatively after you’ve flattred something and re-click to Subscribe (automatically flattr each future month), you can also Donate from that pop-up too.  A donation is an anonymous payment of minimum of 2 euros. The fee is a fixed 20 cents per donation. If you receive any donations they will arrive together with the rest of your revenue on the 10th of the following month. You can donate a maximum of 50 euros from your account per month.

Offline Flattr!

As we think physical things are as important as the internet we now have enabled your to flattr them too. Submit a physical (offline) IRL thing and then print your thing QR-code. Stick it to the wall (or something) and wait for a flattr user to see it. They then bring up their Flattr or QR-mobile-app, aim it at the button and flattr you!

Hoooray, why not print the code and stick it on the tipjar at your cafe, or some other nice stuff.

You can find more info about offline flattr here >>

And we also updated a bunch of other stuff:

  • The dashboard has been updated with reserved and available means for a simpler breakdown of upcoming monthly amount and donations; forthcoming donations are also listed here.
  • You can now choose 3 euros as a monthly allocation.
  • If you don’t flattr in a month we will give your money to charity, and you can see what charities here >>
  • Related things are now listed on a thing page, it’s based on tags so things without tags can’t get relations. (Start tagging!)
  • Gravatars are now displayed beside comments and also in thing lists if you got a gravatar. (Get one!)

Hope you like it all and happy new year! All of us at Flattr wishes you an awesome 2011!


39 Responses to Grande update: Offline, Donations and more!

  1. SkaveRat says:

    I don’t know what I think about the donations thing, but the other stuff is great news!

  2. Great news and the new stuff a really cool…

  3. “maximum of 50” Why? I can’t see the reason!

  4. matte says:

    awesome work guys like all the updates now i just need a androit phone gonna buy one next month :P

  5. Kiwi says:

    Wow, very cool updates :)

  6. towo says:

    Do donations work if you’re currently not paying any means?

  7. maloki says:

    Really awesome!! :D Glad to see this, too bad it showed up AFTER I wrote a blogpost about flattr today! Will find somewhere to squeeze it in now ;)

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  9. Linus Olsson says:

    No as with normal flattrs an inactive account can’t receive donations.

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  11. maloki says:

    Btw guys., random question. Why don’t you have the FlattrComments plugin on your blog ;) People might come with awesome flattrworthy insight in your comments ;)

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  13. Thilo says:

    > “maximum of 50″ Why? I can’t see the reason!

    A good reason would be to make sure that Flattr stays under the radar of financial regulators. If you could move real amounts of money with it, it would receive a lot of scrutiny from the law. And anyway, if you wanted to donate a lot of money, you can more efficiently send donations directly using cash or the banking system. Especially for charities, that would work better, because then it can be a tax-deductible donation, not just a taxable income from an anonymous source.

  14. Tengil says:

    Make these charities and others flattr-able. Donations to good causes is great idea!

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  18. @Thilo

    Thanks! This is a really good reason ;-)

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  21. Daniel says:

    This is so great! Thank you guys so much for those features updates! It is nice to see that those ideas made it into the live enviroment.

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  27. tania73 says:

    So did you think we took Christmas off? You

  28. Patrick says:

    Great stuff guys! Thanks for all the hard work.

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  33. Ich glaube, wir haben uns schon einmalvor etlichen Monaten im richtigen Leben ausgetauscht. Du kommst aus Berlin oder?

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  38. Great work ! offline donation

  39. Great work, very cool updates. :)