API v2 beta out – what’s changed?

Flattr API v2 beta is finally here

We have been working hard to deliver a great experience for developers and tried to build a good foundation for easily adding new features. Use our API to integrate Flattr into your mobile apps, make it easy for your website users to connect their account with Flattr – the possibilities are endless.

The API will remain in beta for a while for us to kill quirks and refine some of the resources. It means that there might be big changes without a notice but we will update the changes log in the documentation.

Some of the new features include:

* XML not required, we now also serve JSON, JSONP and YAML
* Lookup a URL if it exists as a thing
* We now use Oauth2 flow for authentication

And much more, go check out the documentation. Please direct your questions to Stackoverflow and tag them with flattr. We will keep a constant eye at the tag and try to answer your questions.

All feedback, feature requests, bugs etc – goes to support or drop a comment right here.

Now – any cool integration idea you’re working on?

Additional read: Pelle on the Activity Stream support in the new API


5 Responses to API v2 beta out – what’s changed?

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  2. Shred says:

    Thanks, this is what I was waiting for! :-) I’m now changing the Java/Android library (http://flattr4j.shredzone.org) for the API v2. The first public beta should be available around this week.

  3. Siim Teller says:

    Shred – very cool. Let us know when it’s out. And would be interesting to hear what products/services start to use it. Keep us posted!

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