TPB AFK and why I started Flattr

Last Friday the documentary about The Pirate Bay premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and on the internet respectively. It’s an incredible success with over 1 million views on Youtube and lot’s of seeds on TPB in only four days. I’m in it, and I get a brief chance to describe what Flattr is.

The director Simon Klose has not only created a movie, he understands how the internet works and by example shows a way forward. Not just by the fact that he lets you download the movie for free, he even tells you to do it. He knows that the more people that sees the movie, the better. For him, the movie, the industry and for the internet. Then he politely asks you to support him financially for the movie if you liked it.

I started Flattr to give everyone a completely equal chance to make money on the content they make. Without coercion, censorship, or locking up the of information. Flattr encourages sharing of information and money. This is how the internet works.

We consume a lot, not because we like everything, rather because we’re curious. We need to know if something is worth paying for, that’s not the same as just clicking a link. We consume lots of content, only to decide it was crap. Some of it we really like, that’s the stuff we want to support!

Many years ago a record label lawyer asked me: “how can we make money on the internet when everything is free?”. A question that in itself is wrong. For me the main thing is how can creators be supported for their work. Why is it a given that record companies or other media houses should survive? If people support creators financially the rest will also be solved.

Be a modern person, enjoy TPB AFK and pay for it afterwards, if you liked it. That’s the model we believe in and it is one we’re bringing to the world.

You can of course flattr Simon and his film here »


7 Responses to TPB AFK and why I started Flattr

  1. Ploum says:

    This is exactly what I understood from Flattr. I defend this vision here (in French) : and, summarised (in English) :

  2. SohKa says:

    Peter, thank you for your work, and also to give us the opportunity to support the contributors of the Internet.

  3. gaiapunk says:

    What I love about the brilliance of this service is that every time I click a Flattr button I know that I’m not only supporting an awesome creator but I’m supporting the open interwebs as well.

    well done Peter :)

  4. Hezza says:

    Wow! I heard about this on Twitter, from a tweet someone sent to Amanda Palmer. So I watched TPB AFK and was profoundly moved. Peter struck me as an incredibly intelligent, creative, compassionate man. (I also thought he’s sexy.) My friends and I had been frequenting The Pirate Bay and everything just clicked… thank you.

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  6. Andreas Furuseth says:

    Peter, you are a true hero!
    You remind me of my role-model, Robert De Niro/Harry tuttle, heating engeneer, in the movie Brazil.

    “We’re in this together kid”

  7. Waldir says:

    Can you please change the Flattr link to the actual TPB AFK thing? (or at least use both links as in “[Simon] and [his film]”). It’s not easy to find it from his profile alone.

    In fact, maybe “things” should be ranked by popularity. Or even better, be sortable by date, alphabetically or by popularity.