Flattr Plus update

Since we announced Flattr Plus in early May we’ve been working hard to perfect what we believe is the web’s missing (monetization) link. It’s been encouraging, and exciting, developing an easy, automatic solution to fund content. We’re still on track with the closed beta, which will be ready in the early fall (sign up here), and the open … Continue reading Flattr Plus update

Koda med oss

Vi på Flattr vill bli fler Därför söker vi till vårt kontor i Malmö, efter dig som är en driven webbutvecklare och kreativ problemlösare som trivs att jobba i ett litet team. Du är bekväm med PHP(5.6/7) och har antagligen erfarenhet från något modern ramverk, så som Laravel. Vi tror även att du har ett … Continue reading Koda med oss

Flattr developer update #7 – The hunt for bugs

So a new year has begun and the move has been done. It did not go entirely as planned and resulted in more issues than we could handle. Fixing them has taken more time than it should and as an apology, we will not charge any fees for December. Mid February update: Being a small team we have been delayed by both annoying illness and happy … Continue reading Flattr developer update #7 – The hunt for bugs

Flattr support in Jolla Store and Jolla Harbour!

Jolla leads the way to a better app economy by adding support for Flattr right into the place where you get the apps. Jolla Ltd., the mobile company from Finland, is developing mobile devices and Sailfish OS, the independent mobile operating system. The Jolla smartphone, powered by Sailfish OS was introduced to the public in Finland in late-November … Continue reading Flattr support in Jolla Store and Jolla Harbour!

Flattr developer update #5 – What is left behind

The most important reason for building the new Flattr system is simplification. Flattr is so different from any other payment product that usability has to be our main goal. This is how we will fight the monsters complexity. We have silently removed several features the last years. Something you might (not) have noticed. Other minor changes have already … Continue reading Flattr developer update #5 – What is left behind