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About Simon Gate

Simon is one of our devs in the team. He loves wasting time reading news on his iPad and if you don't find him online he most definitely rock climbing and bouldering around the world. He also is constantly trying to grow his full beard even larger.

Subscriptions made easier

Subscriptions have always been a easy way to give to Flattr users on a monthly basis. Just click subscribe on a thing and each month we will automatically flattr the thing. Subscriptions is popular feature on Flattr because it removes … Continue reading


Get notified when flattred

Last week we added a activities in our API. That means you can get a atom feed containing all your activities that occurs on Flattr. At the time of the writing of this article there is only one activity and … Continue reading


Flattr ❤ Hubot

Here at Flattr we spend much time on IRC and lately we have a new friend, Hubot. Hubot is a chat bot built by GitHub that helps us out with tasks ( for example pulling funny images from internet ) … Continue reading


API v2 beta out – what’s changed?

We have been working hard to deliver a great experience for developers and tried to build a good foundation for easily adding new features. Use our API to integrate Flattr into your mobile apps, make it easy for your website … Continue reading