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Introducing Fleddit – Flattr, Reddit mashup!

Before I start this post I would just like to officially say that Flattr has a really outstanding community of developers that we are so happy to work with.  This list includes the awesome folks behind the Flattr IOS Manager App, Superfav, … Continue reading


Flattring artists with Grooveshark

We love music. But we know that it’s tricky to directly support artists on the internet. As a service trying to empower creators we don’t like standing to the side just watching. So we haven’t! For a long time we … Continue reading


Introducing Flattr App Gallery

We have for a long time been blessed with a vibrant developer community. Until now the offspring of the developers and Flattr has been totally invisible. There have not been any place to find applications built for Flattr. Now there … Continue reading


Phasing out old API, upgrade your WordPress plugins!

Last October we released a public beta of our new and much improved Rest API. Since then the API has evolved rapidly and is now considered stable and more than ready for production use. The development of Flattr has been … Continue reading


And the Developer Challenge winner is… !

When we announced the Developer Challenge in January our biggest concern was that not enough developers decide to participate. Instead we had a much tougher problem – how to decide on the winner. In the end we had to pick … Continue reading


Developer Challenge – rounding up the submissions

Sunday midnight saw the deadline of our Developer Challenge. After gazing into the middle distance for about 30 seconds we decided to change the rules just a tiny bit and give all the teams an extra week to improve, polish, … Continue reading


6 days left in our Dev Challenge!

When we announced the Developer Challenge a month ago we weren’t sure how much and what type of entries we would get. So happy to see that so far quite a few individual developers and teams have sent in their … Continue reading

Comments Off on 6 days left in our Dev Challenge!
Comments Off on 6 days left in our Dev Challenge!

Flattr ❤ Hubot

Here at Flattr we spend much time on IRC and lately we have a new friend, Hubot. Hubot is a chat bot built by GitHub that helps us out with tasks ( for example pulling funny images from internet ) … Continue reading


Developer Challenge, January edition – it’s a GO!

What better way to kick off 2012 than with a proper developer challenge? We’re inviting all software developers, hackers, code slingers to get their API hats on and mash up Flattr in a new and incredible way. Back in November … Continue reading


URL Auto Submit Documentation

If you can’t use JavaScript on your site (or don’t want to) we also have a way of submitting things via URL’s. Here is the documentation for how to use the URL submit. Please bear in mind that the button … Continue reading